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Massages & Therapies

Time to Restore. Time to Replenish. Time for you.
  • Massage Treatments at The Biltmore

Prenatal Massage

A nurturing full-body massage using safe and effective prenatal techniques to release tension caused by overworked muscles. Ease mental and physical stress and indulge with this full-body, skin-elasticizing massage treatment. A decadent body oil filled with powerful omega-3 will leave your skin deliciously nourished.
50 minutes | 70 minutes

Aroma Swedish Massage

Customize this restoring and soothing massage with a choice of aromatherapy blends for relaxing, de-stressing or reviving. This light-to-medium pressure massage is perfect to enhance circulation, melt away stress and revive your senses. A healing therapy for the mind and body.
50 minutes | 70 minutes | 90 minutes

Executive Therapy

This therapeutic massage is designed to combat the common ailments that we experience while traveling. Our skilled therapists combine their healing techniques with the appropriate blend of essential oils to provide relaxation, restoration, or revitalization depending on your needs. A perfect treatment for those who suffer from jet lag, insomnia or mental stress.
50 minutes | 70 minutes | 90 minutes

Signature Chardonnay Massage

Our signature massage utilizes Swedish techniques to increase circulation, reduce tension and induce deep relaxation. Featuring French Chardonnay grape seed oil, one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature, this truly blissful experience will relieve stress and bring an overall sensation of well-being.
50 minutes | 70 minutes | 90 minutes

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Combining deep tissue techniques with hot pack therapy, this treatment is directed toward specific areas of stress and imbalance. Isolated areas of concern are treated with a stimulating and soothing blend of black pepper, ginger and rosemary to warm sore muscles and relieve aches and pains. Longer services are recommended for those looking for deep tissue technique throughout the body.
50 minutes | 70 minutes | 90 minutes

Earth Stone Massage

Be lulled into a deeper level of peace and tranquility with the heat emitted from smooth river stones penetrating deeply into your muscles, melting away tension and built-up stress. The combination of hand and stone massage, along with stone placement and pressure, creates a sense of complete balance.
70 minutes | 90 minutes

Enhancements to Any Massage or Facial

Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage

This intensive customized scalp treatment will provide immediate tension release to the head, as well as nourish your scalp and indulge your senses.
20 minutes

Lower Leg Lift

Instantly lift heaviness and achiness from the feet and lower legs with this soothing and stimulating lower leg treatment. Perfect remedy after a long trip or for moms-to-be.
20 minutes

All About Feet

Complete devotion to your soles for relief, improved circulation and pure pampering. This relaxing foot massage finishes with steamy towels.
20 minutes

Eastern Therapies

Lotus Rose Sanctuary

This beautiful ritualistic journey will delight the senses and envelop the soul with the beauty and love that lotus and rose represent. A full-body exfoliation with Dead Sea salts prepares the body for the remineralizing healing that follows in a decadent salt soak infused with rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. A nurturing massage with a precious oil of lotus, rose and vanilla leaves the mind and body elated and the skin silky soft.
90 minutes

Abhyanga Massage

Sansára is Sanskrit for "continuous flow" of consciousness and life. Like the movements of the Abhyanga, a continuous flow of medicated oil is massaged in a rhythmic motion and works to affect the 7 layers of the physical and subtle bodies to bring balance and harmony to the mind, the body and the spirit. The longer service includes a Shirodhara restorative treatment.
50 minutes | 70 minutes

Five Star Treatment

Our mind creates our direction; our hands move our environment and our feet carry us to our desired destination. Centered around the focus of healing, this 5-point treatment to the scalp, hands and feet nourishes and replenishes using herbal salts and medicated oils with a Tisrah balancing bowl and Marma therapy to bring ojas or life sap to our being.
50 minutes

Thai Massage

Discover this ancient technique, which incorporates stretching and energy line compressions to restore balance to the entire body. Promoting increased flexibility and improved physical performance, this time-honored practice rewards the body with an overall sense of relaxation. Performed on a mat without oil, Thai massage requires loose-fitting comfortable clothing.
70 minutes | 90 minutes

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